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The Tinkerer- Kimi Kawasaki. by BunnymundLover4ever1 The Tinkerer- Kimi Kawasaki. by BunnymundLover4ever1
Customization number 12 on the new game. :aww:

Kimi, is the little sister of Sayuri and the identical twins Yoshi and Yukio Kawasaki. 

She is the last born, and the final. And being the smallest of the Kawasaki siblings, Kimi enjoys much to see how things work by taking items apart, putting them back together entirely, and fixing them to where they literally work again and function properly. Being really great at the tasks, she can literally fix anything, honestly.

The girl has the same level of intelligence as her older brothers and sister, and just like them, her grades in school are very high and excelling, her mind being much advanced.

Along with tinkering with common and everyday household items, Kimi also loves to invent her own gadgets. Unique and very useful, she creates them in her free time with her own imagination, skill and bare hands.

This also includes assembling, dissembling, reassembling and repairing extremely dangerous weapons by herself, if she wanted or needed to. While doing this, Kimi is extremely careful and knows very well what she is doing, being mindful not to hurt/damage the weapon and herself. For it is most rare for her to make a mistake and mess up.

In school, she is an Elementary student. Her favorite subjects are mathematics, science and technology.

For after school, she enjoys playing the board game of chess. In addition to challenging her mind and playing other mind games, Kimi is most talented. Two years ago, had won the National Chess Championship in Japan.

Besides all this, the child also loves trains (Author's Note: Since I love Cars, my character loves Trains^^.)

Everything a person had just read about her.... and Kimi is only 7 years of age.


- Kimi Kawasaki OC belongs to ME (c) BunnymundLover4ever1.
- Doll Maker belongs to (c) Rinmaru Games.
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March 31, 2014
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